Happy 29th birthday, Jackson Rathbone! (December 14th, 1984)

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That’s all, folks. Time to say goodbye.

I made this blog 2 years ago. Exactly 2 years ago. And, with sadness, I am here to say that I’m closing it.

I love this blog. I love Jackson. I love editing pictures and making gifs. But I gave my best here and I believe it wasn’t enough to some of you.

I’ll be direct here. I’m tired.  It’s difficult to me, seeing all my things being reposted everywhere. I’m not lying when I say that I see a repost of one of my things almost everyday on Jackson’s tag.

Almost everyday.

I know this is tumblr. I know this is internet and people will repost because I can’t control it.

But this is a small fandom. It’s easy to find the original post.

I put my url on my things for you to find them. To know they belong to someone else. I organized my blog by tags to make it easier. 

Well…They didn’t work.

Only because of the reposters? For God’s sake, Bruna!

Not really… It’s also because sometimes I feel you don’t care about this blog anymore. That’s ok. Things change all the time. It’s time to finish it and move on.

I don’t care if I sound like a drama queen. I just believe I need to tell you why I won’t update it anymore.

I may make some posts because I know I’ll miss it. But don’t wait for me. Don’t expect anything (will you? Honestly, I don’t think so).

If you care about this blog; if you’ve been a loyal follower: thank you very much and I really am sorry.

Thank you for these 2 years. Even with the reposts, it was worth it.

I’ll be on my personal blog and on my Benedict Cumberbatch blog (because I can’t live without Photoshop and I hope all goes well there) if you want to contact me.

Take care, 


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"It was a magical, emotional day filled with friends, family, balloons, popcorn, magic, and even a sword swallower! We are blessed in love and life and are so very thankful for our families coming together. It was our perfect day," (x)

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Jackson Rathbone for BULLETT Magazine

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Jackson Rathbone at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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Jackson Rathbone in ‘Live At The Foxes Den’ [y]

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